Trent Walker

Chef Trent Walker discovered an interest in food while spending time in the kitchen with his grandmother. As a chef he loves creating elevated versions of dishes that remind him of those experiences cooking with her. After participating in a part-time culinary education program during high school, he further honed his skills by attending the culinary apprenticeship program at Delgado community college in New Orleans LA.

Trent began his career at Muriels Jackson Square. Over the next three years, he worked closely with Chef Gus Martin adopting the style of French Creole cuisine.  He was given the opportunity to work for the Commanders Palace Family of restaurants at Café Adelaide with Chef Chris Barbados and Carl Schaubhut. Quickly, he worked his way up through some prestigious establishments, Trent took on the challenge of creating elegant dishes as sous chef for Bruce Sacino at The Westmoor Club on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. After two years he began working as Chef De Tournant for Chef Neil Fergusson at American Seasons. During the off seasons Trent would keep himself busy by participating in events like the Masters Tournament, Culinary Consulting, Charity Gala Events, Tri-centennial Dinner at the James Beard house, and stages at Michelin restaurants throughout the country.

In his spare time Trent enjoys hunting, fishing and foraging for wild vegetables and herbs. He is also an avid cookbook collector and enjoys putting a modern spin on classic dishes. Currently, Trent serves the Assistant Resident Chef with Publix in Winter Park, Florida.

Emily Roberts

Emily Roberts was born at Fort Polk, Louisiana; she lived in nine states, but moved over twenty times with her father’s military career. In college she acquired two degrees at Johnson & Wales University, with an Associates of Science, Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry Arts. Baking artisan breads and pastries will always be her ultimate passion.

Emily moved to Lakeland from Colorado in May 2012, determined to work for Publix. As an employee, she will continue to further her career with Publix, learn as much as she can from the chefs, and teach customers the joy of cooking and baking at home.

Macy El Masri


Her love of world cuisines was expanded during her tenure with the United States Air Force where she experienced first-hand the subtleties of foods from around the globe. Chef Macy formalized her culinary journey by attending the Culinary Arts Institute of Louisiana; where she was able to fine to her Cajun and Creole palate.

Becoming a Chef lets her share her love of cooking while allowing her to motivate people to explore different foods and techniques right from their own kitchen.

Chef Macy’s collaboration as Chef Brand Ambassador for Duda Farm Fresh Foods makes perfect sense. Chef is proud to work with the finest ingredients available and showcase the delicious flavors, versatility and health benefits of every crop grown by the Duda.

Scott Copeland

Chef Scott attended school at Baltimore Culinary College, in Balitimore, MD.  Scott came to Sysco Central Florida from Big City Catering where he was the Executive Chef.  Prior to Big City Catering his career included Executive Sous Chef at K Restaurant, Executive Chef at Antonio’s Upstairs,  Partner/Executive Chef at Artisan’s Table and also held  the position of chef at the renowned 21 Club in New York City.  Scott had the honor of representing Orlando, along with James and Julie Petrakis of The Ravenous Pig and Jamie McFadden of Cusiniers,  where they prepared a Central Florida inspired dinner at the James Beard House in New York City.