Cocoa Beach Uncorked 2020: THE CAUSE

The Marine Resources Council has been connecting Indian River Lagoon coastal community residents with the lagoon for over 30 years. From New Smyrna to Jupiter Island, MRC has engaged the community in education, active restoration, and citizen science. Their goal is to raise the community’s voice in favor of lagoon restoration and protection policies. The group teaches future community leaders, provides hands-on experiences, and supports an active citizen’s science corps.

Our coastal community relies on the lagoon as a vital resource as well as our playground, to provide fresh fish and shellfish to eat, and to provide pastoral and spiritual experiences. We Lagoon citizens want and need to know about the health of our lagoon.

Is the lagoon getting healthier?

MRC is honored to partner with the Cocoa Beach Uncorked team to help raise awareness and funds to fuel efforts to save the Indian River Lagoon. We are pleased to announce the release of the first-ever Annual Indian River Lagoon Health Update in the coming months. This report will raise awareness about lagoon-wide issues and how to get involved in improving lagoon health. It provides scientifically-based information that can help residents make sound decisions regarding sustainability and protection of our water. It provides easy to read and interpretive information to address state and national representatives with requests for attention and funding. The IRL Lagoon Health Update will inform the public annually about the health of the lagoon and what is being done to restore it, as well as measure success or failures of restoration efforts.

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